Frequesntly Asked Questions about RightJobs

What is RightJobs?

RightJobs Philippines, Inc. is a joint venture ministry owned by AMG Philippines, AMG Skilled Hands Technological College, CCT Working Hands Ministry, and Job Booster Nederland B.V.

It is an HR recruitment and job placement agency that brings both employers and job seekers for matching and is committed to give fair employment and dignity for all, blessing families and the nation.


Its mission is to identify, organize, prepare, and link trained and responsible workers from disadvantaged groups to employment opportunities provided by great employers and entrepreneurs to ensure stable jobs and livelihood.

Who are the disadvantaged groups?

Disadvantaged groups include but are not limited to:

  • People with disability (PWD)

  • Employable and transformed former street dwellers

  • Indigenous groups / tribes people

  • Skilled out-of-school youth


We give preference to the Filipino employable poor.

Okay, there are a lot of job placement agencies nowadays, so what’s your niche?

We value good moral character. Someone can be qualified and skilled but skilled with doing the wrong activities. Without a moral compass, skills can go wrong.


One of the things we see that the workforce in the Philippines needs is values formation. We believe that skill alone is not enough; skills and character are equally important. In light of this, all our applicants will undergo a comprehensive Values Formation and Development Training Program before they are deployed.


That’s great! I get skills and character for my future employees.

How do I partner with RightJobs?

Following the basic legal rights of employees as a threshold (minimum basic pay, government mandated benefits, etc.) is of core importance RightJobs adhere to before partnering with any company. We demonstrate truthfulness and transparency in all our communication, relationships and actions.


Moving forward,


Employer side:

You may log on to click the “employer” icon, fill-out the basic information needed such as your:

  1. Company name

  2. Company address

  3. Contact person

  4. Details of contact person: such as phone number and email address


Or, you may contact us through our company email:, and our Network Development Specialist will respond and she can personally assist you through the process.


Should you want to have other services for the welfare of your employees such as “love and care” (counseling, devotion, etc.), team building, and other activities focusing on the holistic aspect of your employees affecting the culture of your company, we may connect you to CCT Working Hands Ministry Inc. If you need to retrain your workers on certain skills, we can connect you to ASHTEC – AMG Skilled Hands Technological College. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to call us. We may have other partner organizations for you.


Applicant side:

You may log on to click the “job seeker” icon, fill-out the basic information needed such as your:

  1. Name

  2. Address

  3. Phone number

  4. Email address

It will guide you to create your personal account.


Or, you may send your resume to Our HR Recruitment Specialist will contact you to provide the list of requirements to submit. You will also be assisted in completing each step of the recruitment process.


Should you not be accepted and/or be accepted but eventually decide to have a different career path, you may come back to RightJobs and we will be here to assist you to achieve your career goals!

How is the payment scheme?

RightJobs will provide referrals given that there is an agreed upon fee of 20% (exclusive of value added tax) of the annual salary of the employee. The referral fee must be solely shouldered by the hiring client company and should not be deducted from the salary of the employee as we value and promote fair labor practices among our business partners as enshrined in the laws of the land respecting worker’s legal rights and welfare. We adjust our fees according to industry practice, so feel free to email us at It will be our privilege to serve your HR recruitment needs.

Do you have any guarantees?

Should the referral from RightJobs leave/resign from the job, RightJobs will find a replacement with no additional charge given a certain negotiable time frame. The details of this guarantee will be reflected in the signed agreement.

Other things we just want you to know

  • RightJobs is limited to referral of employees to client companies only. Salary and benefits of the employees will be shouldered by the hiring client company.

  • RightJobs adhere to matching the job location of the applicant to where his/her family is. Taking into heart the sanctity of families which is one of our core values. That means, our referrals will take into consideration the preference of the applicant when it comes to the distance of the workplace to their homes.