Joel Hinlong: From clothes-maker to enterprise builder

Joel Hinlong started off as one of the employees in a garment factory. He became a Christian and was discipled and trained to share the Gospel with his co-workers. His honesty and enthusiasm at work has earned him the trust of his superiors, and his faithfulness to God has made him highly favored. There came a time when the company where he was working was about to close down in 2017. Since he was being discipled and mentored on entrepreneurship, he felt led to venture into business, and decided to buy a few of the sewing machines of his former employer.


He started off as a sub-contractor to one of the bigger garment factories that was a supplier to SM. Soon enough, he decided to expand and register his business with the Department of Trade and Industry, and added more machines and more employees. He soon became a contractor that provided uniforms to the cooks and servers of a catering company owned by a famous actress. He also makes jackets for other organizations as corporate giveaways.


Now abundantly blessed in his own business, Joel continues to pay it forward by training and employing neighbors who needed additional sources of income. He gives his time as a free trainer to the workers, and shares his testimony and entrepreneurial skills to those who are being called to shift, like himself, from employment to entrepreneurship.